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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 8, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin on this international women's day protests around the world for greater equality exuding istanbul worth thousands have been marching to demand an end to oppression and violence against women we will hear from our correspondent on the ground also coming up german foreign ministers did not gabriele is leaving his post after a bitter brow with party leadership that means he won't be part of chancellor angela merkel's new coalition government we will ask what's behind his departure
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and u.s. president donald trump is due to sign off on a controversial steel and aluminum import tariff shortly will you deliver more clarity on what he's got planned. i'm sorry kelly welcome thanks for joining us on this international women's day women around the world have staged a protest against gender inequality thousands of people have flooded the center of spain's capital madrid and women across the country are also staging a twenty four hour walkout to demand an end to unfair wages and from this morning women have been gathering in solidarity around the need to movement in various cities including sold in delhi and jerusalem in turkey's capital capital istanbul thousands took to the streets this evening calling for an end to violence
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against women. and a short while ago our correspondent in istanbul yulia han talked with us from the center of the demonstration as we are at one of the major demonstrations here in istanbul today the atmosphere is full of excitement it's a chill food atmosphere the women are trying to make some noise many of them broad and whistles or even drums and of course it's a day of celebrations but here in turkey it's also a day of protest and women are shouting slogans like freedom for all of us we are stronger together we are against male dominance. so it's of course a show off so first bacteria they are celebrating their selves but they're also they have a lot of criticism for the conservative party male dominated society here in turkey. as. reported from istanbul in other news in germany foreign minister.
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has announced that he will not be part of chancellor angela merkel's new coalition government that's after rumors of a better raul with the leaders of his own social democratic party gabriele's replacement of the foreign ministry is likely to be high call must the outgoing justice minister now this news made for a slightly uncomfortable appearance by gabriele today at a scheduled press conference with his counterpart from bosnia herzegovina. it was a routine appointment for a german foreign minister but for the things are anything but routine right now the meeting with his bosnian counterpart igor sir not out on thursday was his last official international engagement. and gumbel has been germany's foreign minister for just over a year during that time he became the country's most popular politician even beating chancellor merkel and future economics minister paid to in opinion polls here and much respect for his work for example his handling of strained german turkish relations god will often met his turkish counterpart may have looked shovel
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so new and invited him to his home as he worked to get german journalists and human rights activists released and he succeeded and part some of the prisoners were freed. but there is another sign to seek mock up mail he is notoriously independent and volatile for example on the sidelines of the munich security conference he broke ranks and appealed for sanctions against russia to be lifted following a cease fire in eastern ukraine. you know what sort of i am convinced that if we succeed in this then we must begin to gradually lift the sanctions i know that the official position on this is different and i know it is more importantly feel irritated members of his own party the s.p.d. he even attacked then party leader martin schultz personally which many and his party found unforgettable above all his relationship with future party leader on three analysis has viewed as dysfunctional. now media reports say his
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successor will be high call mosse the previous justice minister. my government is playing down the loss of his position when asked how he feels about leaving in a positive words he won't then there's just been through that hike will be the new foreign minister then i have a really good feeling he'll do an excellent job i'm also fine. take care. a light hearted departure there let's bring in our political correspondent kate brady who joins us from our parliamentary studios and as we heard there kate and unbelievably popular politician in the country one of the best known politicians as well also internationally but he's ruffled a lot of feathers hasn't he he has and it's one particular upset quite recently in the s.p. that really put the nail in the coffin for his career as a time as the german foreign minister and you might remember back just
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a few weeks ago when the social democrats and conservatives first agreed on that grand coalition deal and martin shultz the s.p.d. leader at the time as said that he would then be vying for the position of foreign minister and gabriele responded saying that they saw with him was schultz breaking promises as of course straight after the election back in september schultz in fact said that he would never say i was a minister under a medical led government but governor went one step further to actually personally insult schultz and quoted gabriele quoted his daughter saying that she had told him daddy don't worry now at least we can spend more time together and you won't have to spend as much time with the man with the hairy face and now it was actually this personal comment that meant that the s.p.d. disqualify gabriele from serving again as the foreign minister so he'll be returning to the german bundestag as a normal member of parliament. so but aside from from personnel issues here what is
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this likely to mean for policy what is it likely to mean for german foreign policy what do we know about his successor who is tipped to take over the reins heikal mass. well heiko mass for the last four years has served as germany's justice minister so of course he has. absolutely no experience in foreign policy so be interesting to see how he brings these own style to the table and now he's not quite as direct as gabriele from what we've seen in the german parliament and he's more of a a shy kind of character but that could also be useful in different occasions and of course this will be a challenging time for germany in terms of foreign policy there's a lot of pressure coming from other european countries particularly from friends of the man woman in the french president tries to push forward with these reforms and
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outside of the e.u. many countries now a look in to berlin to see what their clear stances on several issues and want germany to step up their game on the world stage they are looking for stability that is for certain but you know when we look at the s.p.d. just generally speaking we have seen this internal wrangling going on in the party and it is about to assume three of the key ministries we know with this incoming coalition does the party have its house in order. exactly where will nine for sure tomorrow exactly who is going to be taking over a total of six ministerial posts from the social democrats so then it will be a little clearer clara but it does seem the social democrats do have quite a clear agenda as to who they want to put forward into merkel's cabinet now three of the six ministerial post given to the s.p.d. will be filled by women that we know already catherine of bali the current family
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minister she's currently take to maybe take over the labor minister ministry and so there is a real clear agenda here to get more women and also younger faces into the ministry brady in berlin thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world the trial has opened in denmark of the man accused of killing swedish journalist kim wall danish inventor peter madsen has denied murdering the journalist on his submarine but he has admitted to dismembering and disposing of her body after what he says was an accidental death from police in britain say the twenty one people have to receive medical treatment after the nerve agent attack on former russian double agent sergei scribe paul and his daughter investigators are treating it as an attempted murder lawmakers in the media have speculated that moscow is behind the attack sparking a brow between the u.k. and russia. and u.s.
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president donald trump's former campaign manager paul metaphor was in court again today where he pleaded not guilty to criminal charges ranging from bank fraud to filing false tax returns the charges were brought on as part of a wide ranging probe into russian interference in the twenty six thousand election . to syria now where an aid convoy bound for the besieged enclave of eastern has been postponed that's as fighting in the area intensifies monitor say syrian government forces have now we've taken half of the territory held by rebels in the damascus suburbs around four hundred thousand people are believed to be trapped in the area. these trucks carrying lifesaving aid supplies are going nowhere it's the second convoy bound for eastern ghouta to be halted the trucks were meant to bring relief to war weary civilians in the besieged rebel held enclave but the ongoing fighting has made a deliveries impossible sources say syrian government forces have made huge
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advances in recent days we had a top u.n. aid official appealed for this decision of what he called the worst fighting ever seen in eastern and then that kind of a situation you cannot the liberal and the thing it is impossible to cross into the pond and go in to. desperate civilians women children that we know are on the point. videos released by the opposition's volunteer rescue group also known as the white helmets captured the inferno in eastern as government troops pressed on with their relentless grounded air assault reports say hundreds of civilians have been killed in the past two weeks alone doctors and residents also accuse the government of using chlorine gas a charge the government denies syria's u.n. ambassador defended his government's military operations he insisted that they were targeting terrorists and were acting in line with international humanitarian law.
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what does that mean have you had although we have committed to a daily humanitarian truce the terrorists continue to indiscriminately shell damascus this has caused us to respond to a situation that no one can accept also at the same time we have opened the safe passage for civilians to leave. the fighting rages on despite u.n. security council demands for an immediate cease fire and civilians continue to bear the brunt. change of pace now we're heading over to funny char with the latest from the business world and all eyes are on the united states at this hour and president sara thank you very much in only a few minutes u.s. president will make a final announcement on his plans to impose massive tariffs on on. steel imports at a meeting that's wrapped up a short while ago he made a number of strong statements on the issue lashing out at countries he accuses of
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trading unfairly and praising those like australia where the u.s. has a trade surplus trouble also implied that the renegotiate a trade deal that canada and mexico could exclude the two countries from the chair of syria's more. with just hours to go before the white house was due to deliver its final announcement on steel and aluminum tariffs is appear donald trump was intent on keeping his options wide open. yet it. by sticking with ten and twenty five initially i have a right to go up or down depending on the country and i have a right to drop out countries or add countries who just want fairness trump also reiterated the possibility of comment on mexico be exempt from the levies but that's all hinges on the outcome of efforts to renegotiate a trade deal but if we reach a deal it's most likely that we won't be charging those two countries the tariff we
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have other countries that are very much involved with us on trade but also our military and working together with the military and we'll be making a decision as to who they are we have a very close relationship with australia we have a trade surplus with australia a great country long term partner will be doing something with them we'll be doing something with some other countries we're going to be very flexible at the same time we have some friends and cement i mean is where we have been tremendously taken advantage of over the years on trade among the countries trump criticizes for its trade surpluses is germany and by extension the european union as a whole but officials here say they're ready to retaliate against terrorists ready mulling plans to tax us goods including harley davidson motorcycles and even some kinds of whiskey. trump tower it says you need
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a lateral import tariffs his neighbors canada and mexico and nine other pacific rim nations are lowering trade barriers they are opening their markets with a revamped multilateral free trade agreement which trump rejected after taking office representatives of the eleven countries snapped in the chilean capital a century ago to sign the comprehensive progressive transpacific partnership or c p t p p no in the. lowered or eliminated on a wide range of goods the eleven signatories have a combined population of half a billion people and account for nearly fourteen percent of global economic outports. the rights to vote equal opportunities the same pay for the same work women around the world have been fighting for these rights for well over a century some milestones have been achieved but many have not here's a look at germany. women in germany and less than men sometimes it's for the same
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job but more often than not it's because the jobs they get paid less there are still not enough women in managerial positions often because women and women have to work in part time job so they can take care of the family for example the situation for women is only one in the stern here in the czech republic in germany women almost twenty two percent less than men the average pay gap in the e.u. is around sixteen percent and statistically it's only have the smallest pay gap five point two percent. less pay and part time work has a devastating effect in many ways the less money a woman is in a career in the lower half pension is the number of women in germany who are in danger of reaching old age and poverty has risen within the last ten years. french companies will have three years to erase their gender pay gap sort of face
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possible fines so says prime minister. there was a special woman state massachusetts a no no we take action lighting up the eiffel tower the government says it's time to implement the french law requiring equal pay for the same work it's been around for forty five years but the government's men are still paid on average nine percent more. for the first time a chinese company has apply for more peyton's in europe than any other company to company who wife almost four thousand applications to german rivals are among the top ten as well. whoa aids a new notebook hides its camera in the keyboard the feature is intended to protect users from model where that activates webcams without users' knowledge the chinese company is hoping innovations like these will help raise its profile its upcoming smartphone due for release later this month is expected to feature artificial
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intelligence. no surprise then that the company tops the list of up locations received by the european paper and office last year. german technology companies siemens came in second rising from sixth place the year before. south korea's l g m some some came in third and fourth respectively. the only other german company on the list was automotive supplier bosch though it only made it into ninth place so asian companies have got the pressure on their european counterparts when it comes to peyton doppler cations as well as an every day business. more on women stay international and stay back to sara thank you so much funny we're actually highlighting here and we're profiling women around the world who are working to bring about change including five women who live thousands of miles apart but are
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united by their drive to combat injustice these are them now in this program we meet an environmental activist in kenya phyllis amido lives in the eastern coastal city of mumbai she has successfully taken on powerful lead smelting companies that are polluting the environment with toxic waste and now she is fighting a court case to get compensation for the victims of lead poisoning her activism has often meant risking her life. to listen to a single mother of one of the cautious life. the well. she has been hounded several times for the work she does here in kenya's coastal city of mumbai. in two thousand and twelve where gunmen or censuring do and they threaten who likely i skipped before the short. before that
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two thousand and twelve is when we had to organizing massive demonstrations you know to push for the closure. with a refinery. this is a we know who. and right next door the lead smelting plant. phyllis started working for the smelting company in two thousand and nine but quit her job as soon as she realized that the company was not following environmental regulations. in addition to the dangerous fumes that would billow out of the factory. the owner disposed of untreated waste water in open drains running through the settlement into water sources nearby. records show that at least twenty factory workers have died as a result of lead poisoning but we're still at least one hundred children have died of the same. the smelting company was finally shut down in two thousand and
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fourteen. we started pushing the port to impound. it and in that way we raised the business refinery and that's how we managed to shut down. and. still four years later. the dust the walls and even the i and sheets of the homes here still have high levels of lead. phyllis is now using the courts to push for compensation for victims of lead poisoning the case begins on march nineteenth two thousand and eighteen. we have done our research. at a wild allegation. but it's not just pollution phyllis is fighting she's also pushing
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for social justice she's currently helping local residents of kenya's salt belt. people are being evicted from their land unfairly assault companies cut down trees to expand operations. so we are starting from a very basic level with this community but you want to take it up to a very practical level where they're actually able to practice what we are teaching them to do. we know that already and a lot of damage has been done in terms of the initial stages the states. as a fearless is teaching us how to defend our rights and speak up to the government and these salts companies as a bottom of the law even though they have been more threats to her life in this is determined to defend the environment no matter what. and now the theme for this year's international women's day is hash tag press for progress here at g.w.
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we have been setting down our own women say agenda including a little quiz about women's rights here in germany have a look. specimen john by the fall and i should have finished third in households of feel. him and i am i not allowed. to feel her. presence here chance nine simple not sponsor he saw my friend's. sister go to times you know stephen said police are. oh all right ok you serious are you going to says yeah but. since when is rape and a marriage punishable in germany says quote from it so let's. listen in once it was over here. to the full home. to
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show us a sense should just not shock your own sons to. trust justice will be done submission is a. part of the some just donbas to i'll. not smart have demanded it and yet signal from temple bottom up. temple. the time from cal perry a chemist invent. target my comments on my if you don't have to have it. as a. zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero. zero i was soon on all who did. all those. whose interest you can cause a trip you can listen. to cause so close the monday.
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it's about. when i know you're my stuff that i was obsessed with looking for the smooth old look from pleasure but because. with that it's going to. well now an all girls football team has given burundian refugees a ray of hope in the largest refugee camp in the dominican democratic republic of congo the morning stars squad has precious few resources but that has not dampened the enthusiasm of all of the players. the morning stoss. these young girls were forced to flee burundi in twenty fifteen but have discovered a love of football in their to march was lives now in the democratic republic of congo they have formed an all girls football team in the us and a refugee camp oh me forget we are refugees when we are playing we could be anywhere in the world. despite lacking football boots or even their own bar
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the girls are making the most of what they have. we are the best football team in this camp everyone has their own style of playing in their own nicknames. or this is louis rara as that is packed a. business are to run at this are via lack of funds the girls rely on volunteers coach and fellow refugee eric in town is their biggest fan i'd like to see the girls be encouraged to play and to have the equipment they need to play sports. refugees continue to face hardships in neighboring countries the morning stars provide a glimmer of hope and the girls have big ambitions as well. as being human and of here that they are refugees playing in the olympics that is our dream . brindisi has never sent
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a football team to the olympics with passion and dedication these morning stars are determined to make history. a quick reminder now of the top stories that we are following for you here at g.w. women around the world have been staging protests from march to mark international women's day in spain thousands of people are taking part in the evening marches including here in madrid they are demanding an end to wage inequality and sexual violence against women. there for the day and d.-w. news i'm sarah kelly in berlin thanks for watching.
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quadriga international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week until america set to begin a full serve in office here in germany gonzo international women's day we are scow strongest the world's preeminent female politician so do join us on quadriga coming up shortly. quadriga sixty minutes.
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with their women be lost. but the world is still far from complete gender equality because the need to movement influence the world why did based on sexism international women's day twenty using. the focus to sleep on. women fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of what appears was coming up. on w. o. they do use the female superhero on a mission to change how to sound smart women smart talks smart strange and legends isn't by no means missed out on a brain creasing lean dangerous stuff. made from. just as strong as he made a plank of still. a milk represented. good architect of east
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germany's police state. of decline and if i had my way. east germany would still be. master of. india which you know. starting march thirteenth t w. from the streets of south korea to mosul and spain women around the world raising awareness about the fight for greater equality on international women's day i'm sara kelly in berlin this is the day. you are. pressed for progress that is their motto and they are taking to the streets to do it around the world it is the first into.


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